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Somerset House, Memory Lane

Somerset House, Memory Lane

Date 2017-09-25 00:40:50

Inigo Jones expired in the year 1612. A lovely verse is credited to the Queen Mother where she describes the Somerset House thus-

reveal"Before my gate a street's wide channel goes,
Which still with waves of crowding individuals flows;
And there passes by my side,
The spring-tides of the term.
On all the pride and small business of town."

Somerset House was more acclaimed as the place where all significant records like birth and death certificates resided. Thus someone had to file a birth or a death, they had to visit the office placed in this magnificent palatial house, that was found by the banks of the River Thames. This is merely required till the year 1970, after which the records were moved from the business marketing that's Somerset House. This building had great historic significance till then, because someone wanted a replica of any documented deaths and births, they could get those after payment of a nominal fee at the offices located at the Somerset House.

What we see of this spectacular and awe-inspiring construction is a renovated faade is said to have suffered greatly during the Second World War. The southern wing of the house was said to have been fully damaged, and it was only in 1950 that it was repaired. It was Sir Albert Richardson who is credited with the new recreated variation, which came at a price of eighty four thousand pounds and was completed only in the year 1952.

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